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Bunsentagung 2019 – See You in Jena

Visit Bruker at the 118th Bunsentagung in Jena and learn more about the contribution of FTIR technique for material development.

Bunsentagung is a scientific conference and the general assembly of the German Bunsen society for physical chemistry featuring an industrial symposium. This is the 118th Bunsentagung und it will take place in Jena from 30th May to 1st June during the Christ Himmelfahrt weekend. The focus of this meeting is on functional materials. You may hear about functional materials from many modern technologies, e.g. energy conversion and storage, drug delivery, implants, biosensors and novel optical devices. The design and characterization of such modern materials are interdisciplinary. The FTIR technique is a fundamental and indispensable tool to meet these challenges.

Meet us in the wonderful city Jena

Come and visit us on our booth (No. 13) in the foyer of Carl-Zeiss-Straße 3. We will demonstrate the new INVENIO entry-level research spectrometer with a very specific reflection accessory dedicated for monitoring of electrochemical reactions.