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ACTALIA Cecalait evaluates MIRA IR Milk Analyzer

Excellent news! Our MIRA milk analyzer was evaluated by ACTALIA Cecalait − the center of expertise in the dairy sector, recognized in France and internationally − and it was concluded that the MIRA provides good repeatability, stability and performance and is compliant with related ISO and IDF standards.

Our MIRA IR milk analyzer was tested in early 2020 for short term reproducibility as well as for repeatability and accuracy. The samples tested included raw milk, skim milk and cream. This represents the typical applications of the MIRA. It came pre-calibrated, and neither calibration nor setup were changed during the test period.

The reference methods used for evaluation of accuracy of the instrument were the methods used for milk payment in French and international dairy plants.

Results of the ACTALIA Cecalait evaluation

ACTALIA Cecalait concluded that the MIRA instrument provides good repeatability, stability and performance. As a result, it was regarded as compliant with related ISO and IDF standards.

MIRA IR Milk Analyzer
MIRA IR Milk Analyzer

Designed with a small footprint, the MIRA is ideal for the use in a laboratory or an at-line process lab. The robust instrument with built-in homogenizer is resistant to vibration and other environmental influences. Moreover, the internal sample heating will ensure reproducible and reliable results including freezing point determination.