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Monitor your Processes 24/7 with Online FT-NIR Spectroscopy

FT-NIR Process Spectroscopy

Today many manufacturers are striving not only to produce the highest quality final product but also to improve manufacturing efficiency by shifting the final quality analysis from the laboratory to the production plants with online FT-NIR spectroscopy.

Online FT-NIR analysis has been a big topic in the chemical and petrochemical industry for decades now. But it is not limited to this field. Today, it is used in the pharmaceutical industry and also on the production lines in the food industry. One goal everybody shares is to produce the best possible product at the lowest cost. Taking a look at the cost and efficiency of quality control is one of many aspects.

Return on Investment of FT-NIR

Conventional analysis often creates large costs like consumables, maintenance and labor. Also, the cost of lost profits and faulty batches adds on, if the analysis was not done in time. On the other hand FT-NIR online analysis needs an initial investment. This includes the spectrometer, process probes and accessories, as well as labor costs for the calibration development. But, in contrast to conventional analysis, the running costs for labor and maintenance are marginal.

FT-NIR spectra can be measured in only a few seconds and contain a lot of information. This way, the simultaneous analysis of many different components and system parameters can be done with high precision. With this information, the process can be optimized and reaction yields can be maximized. Moreover, it can prevent faulty batches making unrealized profit a thing of the past.

The graph shows a comparison of classic offline analysis by HPLC and online FT-NIR. It is based on real data of a customer in the chemical industry. The return on investment (ROI) was achieved within 7 months and substantial profit gains were achieved in the following years.

Cost-Benefit-Calculation of FT-NIR vs. existing HPLC
Cost-Benefit-Calculation of FT-NIR vs. existing HPLC

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