OPUS Release 8.7: Spectroscopy Spotlight

At Bruker, we are pretty proud of our all-in-one spectroscopy software OPUS. It combines all vital FT-IR tools, from identification and database search to time resolution and microscopy, into a single interface. But that is not what we want to talk about today.

In this article we want to talk about the latest OPUS release. Actually, many of our customers are not aware that each release also contains brand new core features. Today we want to have a look at the new spectroscopy functions, that have been added in OPUS 8.7.

New Feature: Python Interface

TL;DR: Python scripts for data processing and evaluation can now also run and be edited within OPUS including GUI elements and data handling.

Python interface in OPUS 8.7.
  • Create and run Python scripts directly in spectrometer software OPUS
  • Develop application dedicated evaluation routines and use them in OPUS

It is now possible to create and execute Python scripts and to develop user-based methods directly in OPUS. This allows users to create their own evaluation routines based on Python. As Python is widely accepted as a programming standard in industry and science this gives users advanced control over their analytical toolset.

New Feature: „Push-Button“ Multispectral Range

TL;DR: Multispectral range measurements are now a native OPUS function with intuitive user interface, including automatic spectral merge.

Internal multiple reflection, e. g. for thickness determination
Spectrum collected from UV to FIR with the INVENIO.

This new feature combines the INVENIO’s MultiTect detector technology and the automatic beamsplitter change from INTEGRAL interferometers to perform fully automated measurements from the FIR to UV/VIS. Users also have the choice to automatically merge all data into a final spectrum. This software feature is also available for VERTEX spectrometers.

New Feature: OVP-X now supports INVENIO

TL;DR: The new OVP-X replaces OVP for INVENIO spectrometers.

OVP OPUS Validation Programm, OPUS Status
New OPUS validation program interface for INVENIO spectrometers.
  • Faster and easier setup of new accessories and extensions
  • Semi-automatic setup of measurement channels for more productivity

OVP-X replaces the legacy OVP routines for INVENIO FT-IR spectrometers starting with the release of OPUS 8.7. OVP-X is responsible for the calibration, testing and qualification of all INVENIO spectrometers. As such, it provides a comprehensive, reliable and simple calibration and qualification management for INVENIO measurement channels.

OPUS 8.7 is available for all FT-IR Spectrometers

ALPHA II FT-IR Spectrometer
INVENIO FT-IR Spectrometers
VERTEX FT-IR Spectrometers

Obviously there are many other new functions, features and patches. As always, you can find our complete release-notes on our homepage:
OPUS Latest Release Notes.