Speaking your language

We know, when it comes to working in QA/QC, there are a lot of things you have to take care of. We think that operating an analyzer in a language you are not 100% familiar with, shouldn’t be one of them.

This is why we translated the Graphical User Interface of our TANGO FT-NIR spectrometer in 17 different languages. Moreover, the touch screen is full of self explanatory icons. Everybody, who comes across the TANGO finds it very straightforward to use.

The TANGO comes with 17 languages – and there is room for more…

When I show the TANGO at exhibitions or conferences, I usually do not explain a lot to start with. I hand out a sample and ask the people to make a measurement. Usually they look at me and say: ‚I can’t do it, because I have never worked with an NIR before!‘.

I tell them to look at the screen and just press the buttons which they think are the right ones and that they cannot break it.

Icon-based touch interface of the TANGO.

It is great over and over again to see the amazed faces, because it is really is just as easy as

  1. select the sample type
  2. press the play button
  3. get results!

But the TANGO is not a toy machine. It is a high precision FT-NIR analyzer with all the optical specs of its bigger sibling, the MPA II. We just put in a lot of thought to make it accessible to everybody, not just lab scientists. So it can go in the QC lab, but also at-line in a feed mill, where production people can carry out the tests. No wonder it is the most popular FT-NIR spectrometer in the world…

If you want to learn more about the TANGO, have a look at our website. In the Learn More section, you will find info to download in your own language – sorry, only 12 different ones this time! 😉