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Turning Virtual Demos Into Hands-on Reality

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted a global shift in meetings and events, many moving from in-person gatherings to a more virtual setting, such as online learning in school, virtual shopping in malls, webinars instead of face-to-face training courses and virtual exhibitions or scientific conferences.

Consequently, many companies and public institutions are reducing unnecessary physical visits and also, we as Bruker have adapted our processes to the current situation of COVID-19. In fact, due to its global activities, Bruker offers remote demonstrations and customer services already since 2017. Our service and sales experts are well-trained in presenting our products online and finding solutions for demanding applications remotely. From handheld instruments to high-end vacuum spectrometers, from industrial quality control to demanding research applications (e.g. verTera THz extension or Step Scan TRS spectroscopy), in the Bruker Optics demo center located in Ettlingen Germany our application specialists are prepared to show product features, demonstrate practical handling and perform measurements on demo samples. You can even send us your test sample in advance, which can then be analyzed in a live stream. The result will be discussed directly in the interactive remote demo session.

Bruker Optics demo lab located in Ettlingen, Germany

If you are interested in a remote demonstration session or want to receive more information, please feel free to contact us. We will quickly respond and offer a convenient appointment to you. The interactive live stream just requires a usual web browser and thus you don’t need to install any separate software, but just reserve the required time slot. 

Of course, this service shall not permanently or completely replace our well-established on-site demonstrations. Whenever the pandemic situation allows for it, we are also happy, offering a physical visit to our demo laboratories. However, also after the pandemic, remote demonstrations will remain an important alternative to optimize coverage and shorten reaction times to our customers globally.