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On A Hot Trace with Infrared (IR) Detectors

How do coronavirus and IR detector development fit together? Since the outbreak of coronavirus in December 2019 more than 90,000 people have been confirmed to be diseased on the new pneumonia virus worldwide. WHO and the international community are fighting to contain the virus with the right measures.

One of the possible symptoms of the disease is fever. It makes the measurement of body temperature to a relatively simple first-level method to detect possibly infected person.

Although fever is not a reliable indicator for the infection, it can work as a safety precaution fever check. Especially in airports, train stations or other public locations, it can help to reduce the risk of infection and spreading.

The advantage of thermal imaging systems

Compared to traditional clinical or other hand-held thermometers infrared-radiation thermometers, especially IR thermal imaging systems, provide several crucial advantages for this task:

  • full automation
  • high sensitivity
  • high efficiency
  • big measurement distance
  • big coverage area
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IR Detector Development

Due to the current situation of coronavirus in Asia the request on high quality IR thermal imager grows strongly. The development and production of IR sensors, IR detector elements or detector arrays for IR imaging have been brought into sharper focus accordingly. IR imaging can not only be used for fever detection, but in many different fields:

  • high speed thermal camera
  • failure analysis
  • product quality control in micrometer scale
  • IR microscopy
  • preclinical analysis

Some of these applications need IR detector arrays with short rise time, some call for higher sensitivity, some require higher lateral resolution and homogeneity. To develop and characterize such high-end IR detector elements and arrays FTIR spectroscopy is one of the best methods.   

Bruker offers with FTIR research spectrometers dedicated optical, electronics and software solutions for detector material and device development since decades. Have a look at our application note about
IR detector development and know more interesting details.